1st Edition

Page 32 - Billions not Trillions

In Chapter 6 (The C# Type System) on page 32, it states that the range of the int type is roughly -2 trillion to +2 trillion, but then the actual range is given, and it is -2 billion to +2 billion, which is a conflict. The actual number is correct, and the text should have read "...roughly in the rangle of -2 billion to +2 billion..." instead.

Page 48 - Convert.ToSingle not Convert.ToDouble

In Chapter 8 (User Input) on page 48, I state the following:

I use the double type, but float or decimal would accomplish the same task with very little practical difference. (You would have to use Convert.ToFloat or Convert.ToDecimal though.)

That is incorrect, because there is no Convert.ToFloat method. You should use Convert.ToSingle instead.

Ironically, two pages before (page 46) I made a big stink about this, and stated that it was tricky because it was not what you might expect. Then I turned around and typed it incorrectly shortly after. I fell for the thing I warned you about!

Page 119 - Name Hiding Variable Name

In the name hiding section on page 119 on the last paragraph, I state, "We have a class-scoped instance variable called name, but we also have a method-scoped parameter called name. The code that I'm referring to, on page 118, does not have anything called name. The code uses the name title instead. The text here on page 119 should say title, not name.

This error is likely because the code originally called the variable name, but I chose later to pick something more descriptive for the book's title, and switched it over to title.

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