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What is the C# Player’s Guide?

The C# Player’s Guide does to the C# programming language what a player’s guide does to your favorite video game.

With roughly 400 pages, you’ll learn C# from the ground up, discover the basics of procedural and object oriented programming, explore advanced topics in C#, including File I/O, LINQ, and lambda expressions, and master the tools used to develop cool programs.

You’ll be challenged by a wide variety of interesting problems to try out, and quick quizzes to help you be sure you’re learning the things you need to, with all of the answers posted online!

Do I need to already know how to program?

No. The C# Player’s Guide starts right from the very beginning, and makes no assumptions about your learning.

So what if I already know how to program in other languages?

It’s still perfect for you. If you already know another programming language, C# will come easier to you. But the book is designed in a way that makes it easy to skip the topics that you already know, and move on and learn the things that make C# unique and different.

But isn’t this all online already?

Err… um… yes. Sort of. The actual details of how the C# programming language work can be found on the Internet, for free. But you’ll always learn more, faster with the kind of structured, guided approach that this book provides than you will by randomly Googling topic after topic.

For this reason, even if this isn’t the book for you, from one programmer to another, I strongly suggest you get some sort of C# programming book anyway.

Will this book teach me how to make games?

This book is not specifically about making games, but it will teach you the basics of programming that will enable you to make games. After you’re done with this book, I’d recommend heading over to my game dev tutorials, which are all free, online. Those will teach you how to make games!

What’s different about the 3rd edition?

The details on what’s changed can be found here: What’s New in the Third Edition

I still have questions.

If you have any questions at all about my book, or what is best for you in your particular situation, don’t hesitate to email me and ask. I’d be happy to give you any additional information you’re looking for, or help you figure out what might be the best choice for someone in your particular situation.

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